Tech Tips

Read Your Owner’s Manual!
Purchasing a new or pre-owned machine is a very exciting time, but it's important you know what it requires from you. By reading your owners manual you can educate yourself on how to properly operate your machine as well as take advantage of the unique features it offers

Your owners manual is not just some book with a bunch of safety warnings. It contains valuable information such as the maintenance schedule so you can plan to make sure the machine is always in peak running order. It will also go over all the locations of various components and their operation. Modern power sport vehicles are very advanced and may offer you features you never dreamed of such as Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering, and changeable driving modes. By knowing how to take advantage of features such as these you can tune your vehicle to suit your riding style.

We would love our customers to call us with their vin numbers to check on updates or recalls. Updating your ECU is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT task. It does not take long, and taking the time to call and ask us doesn't hurt either. Keep your brain updated regularly for optimal performance!

A note on batteries:
Battery maintenance is essential. Every time you start your machine the battery is depleted some and the machine needs to run for a while to recharge your battery. Can-Am Spyders can be especially prone to draining batteries with all their electrical accessories, not to mention every time the key is cycled the computers are active for 40 minutes after shut down. ATVs and SSVs with winches and plows also can put a strain on the battery because the winch uses a great deal of power and your machines charging system cannot always keep up with the demand.
Investing in a maintenance charger is a great idea to ensure your battery stays fully charged when not in use. Maintenance chargers usually have a lead that can be attached to the battery for easy hookup. Come in or give us a call for our recommendations.

For ATVs and SSVs:
Make sure to regularly grease all the suspension and drive pivot points. Doing so will extend the life of the bearings and bushings and keep your ride smooth and quiet. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended service interval. A good quality grease and grease gun will ensure your ride is protected for years to come.

Maintenance Schedule:
Your owner’s manual also contains a number of checklists that you need to follow. Some are your responsibility, while others must be completed by an authorized Sea-Doo dealer

The key checklists are:

10-Hour Inspection Checklist – highly recommended and to be performed by a dealer.

Daily Pre-Operation Checklist – owner’s responsibility.

Pre-Season Preparation Checklist – performed by owner and dealer. If you are unsure of any aspect pertaining to the operation of your Sea-Doo watercraft or boat or of any items on the above checklists, consult your dealer.

THE FACTS THAT MAKE THE RIDE(CAN-AM) No marketing hype. No false promises. No ridiculous claims. The only thing you’ll find here are facts about Can-Am ATVs and BRP, the company behind the ride. Watch the videos. Then go ride one for yourself.